Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fluffy Bunny

Okay, there are not enough bunny pictures going around as it is without people claiming copyright over the ones that are out there. Is the woman who left a comment on this the actual copyright holder? Well, she didn't really offer any proof or any way to contact her, but I decided to respect her wishes regardless. Okay, I Googled her name and visited her DeviantArt gallery. She is the owner of the piece. It's really a rather trivial point to argue. I do know I wouldn't want any of my work stolen, so I'll extend the same aspiring professional courtesy to others.

Just so you know, though, most of my pictures come from anonymous picture servers that assign them impossibly long numeric designators, so there's almost no way of knowing where a picture originated or who owns it or what their intentions with it are. Such is the peril of posting random pictures that I enjoy. Not only did I remove the original picture, but just as an added precaution, I also deleted it from my hard drive and am in the process of reprogramming my brain to eliminate all visual memory of its existence. You can never be too careful.

/sarcasm. Seriously, no harm intended. I just don't like it when people just throw accusations around based solely on their assumptions. If I know who created a picture, I'll credit it. If I don't credit it, then it probably wasn't attributed when I found it.

Okay, I've had this literally for years. Hopefully no one will claim ownership bitterly over this, but they'd better have some compelling evidence.


Anonymous Julia Dunin-Brzezińska said...

This photo oryginally belongs to me and i do not agree for any coping, posting anywhere without my persmission. Using it is illegal under copyright law and forbidden under my terms of use.
Please remove it or i will have to report it to administrators.

9:53 AM  
Blogger Blozor said...

Meh, fine. I found it on IRC. Don't blow a brain vessel. You sure do know of a way to make a person's crappy day crappier, though.

9:56 AM  
Blogger Blozor said...

Sorry, that was rude.

I sincerely do appreciate that you chose to give me a chance to take care of it before reporting it. I don't want my work stolen, and I respect that wish for other people.

I just had a bad day and reacted poorly.

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Julia Dunin-Brzezińska said...

I do not know why are you bashing me? I should be the one to bash! I wrote you a polite note, i ask gently and now you are making a big HALLO about it.
you have a doubt i am an author of photo? Yes i am, is this so hard to check a name 'julia dunin-brzezinska' wchich i wrote below? You would propably found this: and even if this wont be me, is this a reason to not respect artists copyrights?
And learn a lesson, photo, that you submited now, this bunny also belongs to someone. If you do not know an author do not simply post it! But if you know, then put a link and a name of author under photo or contact this person and ASK if you can use something that in 1005 beliong to this person. In fact you have any right to copy this.
Well, i just want to make it a little more clear for you. I'm glad you have deleted it, thank you, but i'm not glad that you are accusing me. This is simply not fair, you made a mistake, not me.
Best wishes,
Julia Dunin-Brzezińska

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Julia Dunin-Brzezińska said...

ok, i just realized my post now was somehow out of time. i readed your response yesterday with those not answered question 'is she an author'. i just didnt saw you've updated this today,
anyway, i didnt know that irc works like that, i think its not fair to us, authors to redistribute our art somewhere without a name and so on. don't you think? it is upseting.
i have many many many fight all over the internet with people who took and used my works even in comercial puropses. you know its just fuckin sad cause my photo are childern for me :D and it feels like someone is grabing me from the most precious things i have, maybe you will not understand, i just have a strong emotional connection with works i created.
i wish people could see it from the other side, i wish people learn and know how to respect work, art. but its only wishing, i know its impossible, i just hope that there wont came a day when there wont be any arts to share, because all artist would thought, that they wont show works untill there will be no art thiefs. i wanted to stop many times.

why dont you try to creat something by you and show it? then you might fell how important it is to us :)
best wishes again

9:03 AM  
Blogger Blozor said...

I sent you an email with more information.

I totally understand where you're coming from. I was having a bad day yesterday and reacted badly, and that is totally my fault, and I apologize.

I do understand where you're coming from. I have my own characters and my own art, and if they were stolen from me, it would feel like a kidnapping.

However, just as you suggested in your last comment, I don't share them until I have them copyrighted and ultimate creative control because I fear someone would take them and try to claim ownership over them.

Even then, I wouldn't mind non-profit reposting of my work and even fan art, as long as, like I said, I ultimately retain the rights. You ahve to admit, the best kind of promotion is free promotion.

Make no mistake, I don't reprint pictures that I don't like. If I post it here, it's because I either found it artistically inspiring, or humorous if that is the intent.

9:33 AM  

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